Last words

By all means, this isn't really a callout. This was just a dumb little website that I made for a friend of mine. If Mewtley comes across it, I'd probably be a bit embarassed. But since my luck has been phenomenal recently, I'll take my chances. I don't hate you, at all. I have no reason TO hate you. I just want you to understand my concerns and how I've felt throughout this entire thing. I wish I knew how you felt. I want to go back to when we were friends, very badly. I know that a lot is happening to you and I'm really sorry but please trust me when I say I'm worried about you. Maybe it isn't my business at all, but I just want to reach out to you. If you reconsider anything, if you think of anything new, or you want to say anything: You know where to find me. Just ask for the Cock Destroyers link. We'll be friendly, that's the truth. None of us will hurt you. I'll make sure of it myself.

Now nullified as of 2020, the only reason I wish to speak to a man like you is to maim your disgusting mad brain to fix you. You need help. You need genuine fixing. This isn't a fucking joke anymore. I've spoken to MANY, MANY fucking people about this as of now and have asked their opinions. All of them are adults. All of them are disgusted and concerned. If you wish for their testimonials, it will be provided. You're a sick man, Ango. A very, very, sick man.