Mewtley Compendium



May 2019-Present

Douglas claims that Jasmine is a pedophile. Jasmine confronts him and tells him about her history with pedophilia and child sex work. Douglas doesn’t take this to heart and simply lies his way out of taking responsibility, typical. Mewtley starts his webcomic. The more he posts about it, the more Jasmine recognizes that Doug’s system was literally fake and he’s whack. Doug ALSO follows a pedophile, that's fun. Douglas makes a system sideblog….so much misinformation is on there it’s absolutely insane. But get this, Douglas convinced Mewtley it was all true. Obviously, Mewtley doesn’t really have any other people he knows who has real OSDD/DID. (Even though I'm right here.) Mewtley is contacted by someone, and starts talking though it's not very successful in the grand scale. Mewtley claims he holds no hard feelings against Jasmine. This pleases the Jasmine. Jasmine considers the possibility that Doug could legitimately just be using Angus as a puppet. Doug is obviously bad company for him. Jasmine’s goal is not to rekindle a friendship, but to separate Angus from that. Angus goes to Doug for every single issue to consult him. This is Obviously Unhealthy.